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At Accurate Logistics we strive to be an industry leader in every way, employing many skills and tools to help us reach our goal. Industry leaders require disciplined people, strategic planning, and swift action. Accurate Logistics is utilizing these three disciplines and making decisions for the long term in an effort to strengthen our relationships. Accountability is much more than simply completing a safe delivery on-time. Accountability is being dependable and responsible in all our actions, so that you have no reservations about allowing us to be more than just a link in your supply chain -- but a connection between you and your employees, customers and vendors.

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Being an industry leader in logistics is not a fact of circumstance. We feel it is more a matter of conscious choice. We choose to be a leader and have made a pledge to continuously improve for many years to come.
Our commitment to you and our employees is to be accountable, responsible and reliable. Through the constant evaluation of industry practices, emerging technology and sound fiscal management we are committed to growth and to meet your needs moving forward.

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The first measure in all of Accurate Logistic's sustainability and environmental programs are very straight-forward — efficiency. We use technology to map the most efficient routes, make the best use of our assets and even minimize inefficient practices (such as prolonged idling of engines). Not only is it responsible, but it just makes good sense to start by reducing waste (and lowering costs.)

Accurate Logistics, like the entire logistics industry, is investing in new technologies that will continue to reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions. In addition to anti-pollution devices present on all newer vehicles the industry is rapidly retrofitting older vehicles with similar anti-pollution devices, lighter wheels, more efficient tire configurations, aerodynamic farings (for trailers and box trucks) and even small accessory generators to make existing vehicles significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly.

In addition, Accurate Logistics is part of an innovative collaboration within the industry that is focused on reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency and strengthening the freight sector as a whole. Working together we aim to identify even more ways to simultaneously reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs.

Eco-Friendly Logistics

reducing impacts
Our goal is not only to reduce the impact of freight services on the environment, but to ensure our customers benefit from our sustainable initiatives.

Sustainable Initiatives

At Accurate Logistics we recognize sustainability is poised to transform the logistics industry, both in terms of our business model, emerging customer preferences and the range of advanced solutions we will provide moving forward.


Electronic Asset Tracking gives you visibility into your supply chain 24 hours a day. Accurate Logistics uses a combination of static and covert tracking devices, as well as people and systems to actively monitor your valuable cargo while in transit.
More than just a tracking number and an estimated delivery time, Accurate Logistics employs real-time data whenever possible to allow you to make the most efficient use of your resources -- rather than waiting for a tracking screen to update.


We believe that a supply chain is never stronger than its weakest link, and that poses possibly the most significant risk that faces today’s logistics consumers. Rigid supply chains are particularly weak, unable to adapt to new situations or change of circumstance. Flexible supply chains can indeed “flex” their supply chain and show the strength that lies within them. Accurate Logistics understands with transportation being such a key ingredient in any supply chain, much of this strength comes from flexibility in the services we provide. Adding adaptability reduces uncertainty and eliminates many risks that threaten to disrupt supply chains -- which are the very "life blood" of many of our customers. That is why at Accurate Logistics we adopt flexibility as a core principal, and feel it is essential to providing responsible solutions for our clients.


Security has many meanings for Accurate Logistics. From knowing the location of a package at any given moment to guaranteeing the integrity of every last component of a package --or vehicle's - contents. From financial documents to pharmaceuticals, there are many specific security risks addressed by the logistics industry, and we can work with you to develop a security program to meet your needs.

The key to logistics security is understanding and addressing environmental threats. Using a customized risk audit, Accurate Logistics supply chain analysts can identify in-transit and facility theft risks to ensure your supply chain remains secure from dock to dock.

A couple of typical security measures include load escorts, who are trained personnel who physically monitor a load (typically in an unmarked vehicle accompanying the cargo vehicle) and electronic monitors that alert whenever a load deviates from the planned route or makes unauthorized stops. Of course, these are only a couple of tools at our disposal, and for security reasons, we won't be publishing the rest.

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